Studien zur Demographie und Bevölkerungsentwicklung

Studien zur Demographie und Bevölkerungsentwicklung

Nakon tri godine rada na metodi, izašla mi je nova monografija: “Big (Crisis) Data in Social Sciences and Humanities: Predicting Crises”

Studien zur Demographie und Bevölkerungsentwicklung, Band 5, Hamburg 2023, 256 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-339-13698-5


The method of Big (Crisis) data holds promise to answer, among others, the questions to the main European challenge: (irregular) migration. By combining various big data sources, this approach offers insights into migration trends a year before official data sources. It helps model future trends and answer the questions: How many asylum seekers and labour migrants will there be in individual EU members in the following year? What will be the routes and destination countries of irregular migrants? How many refugees will arrive from war-affected areas in the EU? How to measure the integration willingness of labour migrants and asylum seekers from Asia and Africa in the EU? …

In times of crisis, Big (Crisis) data approach provides timely and vital information for governments and crisis managers. E.g. this method accurately estimated at the outbreak of the war that Germany may expect up to 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees by mid 2023, which turned out to be correct.

In the field of digital humanities, the book demonstrates how big data analytics can uncover hidden patterns in history, serving as a window into the past…

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